Industry News

  • LED flexible light strips are widely used in various industrial, commercial and residential lighting projects around the world.


  • The designer USES LED pixel, ARTNET controller and ToF sensor. LED builds a luminous three-dimensional space in which you can find yourself.


  • The current nightclub design is a bold redesign of the original, incorporating technology into the design to make it an integral part of the environment. This proves that old elements of the club can also be integrated into the new design, giving the club space a new look and feel. The triangle and 5-meter lifting mechanism composed of 1.5-meter long LED pixel tube and LED cloud tube were installed above the nightclub to synchronically control the structure and light through software, so as to present 3D effects and different lighting effects


  • With the development of the industry, more and more people use LED stage lamps instead of traditional stage lamps. However, the use of LED stage lighting should pay attention to the following issues.


  • LED lights are actually commonly known as fluorescent tubes, and commonly known as "light tubes" are actually LED tubes, just different in name.


  • Global stage entertainment lighting equipment is mainly used in music concerts, theater performances, etc. At the same time, with the development of the global tourism market, theme parks also have considerable demand for stage entertainment lighting equipment.